How does a Skunk Spray?


A skunk has two special glands that hold the chemicals until they are ready to use it. These glands are at the base of the tail. They can hold enough of these chemicals to spray six times.
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1. A typical healthy skunk will not allow you to approach it. Skunks are fond of garbage, beetle larvae and grubs, bringing them into your yard at night to look for a meal in the
Skunks have a special gland that produces the liquid spray. A skunk lifts its tail and releases the spray when it is scared. It creates a terrible stench that wards off predators
1 Do not run water over your dog. This only increases the stink, and if the dog has dry, or cracked skin, the spray can get into his or her skin, and cause burning. This also can
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You might hear the word skunk and automatically cover your nose. A skunk is a animal, that when threatened, will spray a foul smelling odor on their attackers. ...
Skunk spray is not harmful to humans or animals. It is, however, foul-smelling and can cause respiratory discomfort in some. ...
1. Blot the sprayed area with dry paper towels or a dry old rag. Try to soak up and remove as much of the skunk spray as possible. 2. Prepare the skunk-spray removal ...
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