Can you use exterior paint inside?


It is not recommended that you use exterior paint on the interior of your home. Not only does it not have the same type of washability, but it also takes up to one month to fully oxidize, during which toxic fumes can be released into your home.
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If it is exterior latex paint then the difference is only a few additives. It will make little difference if you use it indoors. If it is an oil base paint then it is a big difference
A marine enamel or an epoxy paint is your best bet. However I wouldn't expect any paint to last in a bath.
Spray paint is contained inside an aerosol can and sprays a mist of paint that creates a more uniform application than brushes. Some of the solvents in spray paint may damage the
Not only crack, but it will never stop smelling like paint.
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Exterior paint is rated to with stand heat and water elements, therefore it's mainly used outside. It can be used inside but is much thicker than interior paint.
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