Can a Triangle Have Two Right Angles?


It is completely impossible for a triangle to have two right angles. A triangle can only have one ninety degree angle with the other two being acute angles.
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Coz all 3 angles have to add to 180. If you add 2 90's you get 180 so there are no angles left for the third corner.'t_a_triangle_hav...
1. Identify the hypotenuse of the triangle. This will be the longest side and directly across from the right angle. Next, identify the known values of the two sides of the triangle.
✐Explanation✐. If you add two 90° angles (right angles) then you can't form a triangle because it must have three nonzero angles that add up to 180°. Hope that
The three angles of a triangle must add up to 180. This would not b...'t-a-triangl...
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