Canadian 2 Dollar Bill Value?


The Canadian 2 dollar bill's value is dependent on many factors, including the age, condition, and overall demand for the bill. The printing of the $2 note stopped in February of 1996. At that time, a coin took its place. These 2-dollar bills are considered rare and not commonly seen in circulation. Many people collect them. As of 2006, there were millions of $2 notes not returned to the Bank of Canada. In some cases, the value can be of these notes can be several hundred dollars.
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it's still worth 2 dollars, , maybe it will be worth something in say.50 years or so, some stores in Canada still accept them.
1. Tilt the stripe to see maple leaves and numbers. Hold the note face-forward. Tilt it while watching the metallic stripe on the left hand side. Maple leaves will be visible and
Answer Assuming you mean a gold-colored "Loonie" coin that's the same size as a U.S. Sacajawea dollar, it's a regular circulation coin and is worth 1 Canadian dollar, or
It depends on the condition, but according to Coinflation, there is about (US) $12.80 worth of silver in the coin so you should be able to get at least that, condition really matters
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0.8225 US Dollars (USD) is equal to 1 Canadian Dollar
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