Car Stalls While Driving?


If a car stalls while driving or moving, this could be a problem with air in the hoses or tubing of the car. It may also be related to fuel, or something wrong with the spark plugs. Even if the gas gauge says there is gas in the car that might be the problem as well. It is important to make sure that there is gas in the car at all times, and if that doesn't help, the spark plugs should be checked by a professional.
Q&A Related to "Car Stalls While Driving?"
There are many things that can cause a car to stall while driving it. An engine is made up of many parts, and many of those parts are either governed by a computer or provide input
Besides the obvious (no gas) the worse case scenario is that you neither had oil. In that case your engine will have seized; that is, it is now a melted pile of metal parts. But the
If it is not out of gas that means the idle speed is set to low. Want
The problem may seem random but there's always some reason. Most "random" looking problems are usually electrical in nature. But given that you have 1986 year car, you might
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