Causes Lights to Dim in House?


There are a couple of things that can cause lights to dim in a house. One cause is that a larger load may be put on the electrical system, causing the voltage to drop which will make lights get dimmer. Larger items that use lots of power, such as an HVAC unit, typically put this strain on the system. Some items may also not be properly grounded, which can result in the dimming of lights. If this is a persistent issue, a qualified electrician can diagnose the problem and take steps to take the load off of the system, allowing it to function properly again.
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A local transformer may have blown. The problem may be at the local utility substation. A transformer may have blown — a common occurrence during a storm — or the service
Well, this a simple science question. Inside of a light bulb contains a type of air that makes the light work. When the air is about to finish, the light begins to turn dim.
Your problem is most likely with the wires coming in to the house. Time to call a qualified electrician to determine exact cause. You may have to have the power company repair the
There is a voltage drop when the a/c turns on due to
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What Causes House Lights to Dim?
You may become concerned when your lights periodically dim for no apparent reason. Often this is nothing to be concerned about, but it can be a sign of a more serious problem. If you notice your lights dimming, it is important to find the source of the... More »
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