Causes of Enlarged Pituitary Gland?


The pituitary gland in the body is used to secrete hormones that help keep the body in balance. When the pituitary gland is enlarged, this can result in a hormone imbalance. There are several causes as to why this gland may become enlarged. A tumor is an issue that can make the pituitary gland larger. Internal bleeding within the gland can also result in enlargement. Anyone with symptoms of an enlarged pituitary gland will need to visit a doctor for testing to diagnose the problem before it gets too serious.
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Frequency. One in five people have pituitary tumors and about fifteen percent of all brain tumors are pituitary tumors. The majority of pituitary tumors are benign. Causes. The causes
A pituitary tumor is often a cause of pituitary gland growth.
In most cases, enlarged pituitary gland is associated with
The sella is the area where the pituitary gland sits so what you are saying is the pituitary gland it enlarged which means if it is mildly enlarged it is probably a thyroid problem
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