Causes of Fingertip Pain?


Pain in the fingertips can be caused by several different things. Nerve or muscle damage can cause pain to travel into the fingertips. Injuries, such as stress fractures, strains, or sprains in the hands or arm can make the fingertips painful as well. Inflammation of the hands and fingers can lead to pain. Even a herniated disc in the spine or a neck injury can cause pain to travel into the fingers and fingertips. If the pain is persistent and does not go away, a doctor can examine the affected person to diagnose the problem.
Q&A Related to "Causes of Fingertip Pain?"
Painful fingertips and toes can have a number of causes, from a pinched nerve from sitting in one position for too long, to something more serious like a disease. If the pain reoccurs
I have the same thing. I got mine from practicing the bass guitar. So far I've had it for a week now and I can not practice with that finger. I would like to know of a remedy. Thanks
Too much or too little salt in your diet, not enough blood flow. Holding things tightly and leaving your hands lower than the rest of your body can all cause pain in the fingers.
Frost bite and arthritis are two causes of severe finger tip
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