What are some causes of physical weathering?


The causes of physical weathering are mostly simple to determine. Physical weathering is most often caused by freezing and thawing of the ground, rocks, and the surrounding areas. Other physical weathering can be caused by rain, flooding, wind, or waves that impact an area of the shore. Physical weathering is also caused by rapid changes in temperature that causes freezing and thawing. Physical weathering is one of the major reasons that movement is seen in the polar ice caps.
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The action of weathering forces on landforms and structure. Eg waves, water, glacier, wind, and gravity.
Root wedging occurs when plant roots weave their way through crevices in rocks, called joints. As the roots grow, they press against the rock and put stress on the joints they are
Here are the causes of physical weathering. Freezing Water, Plants, Salt,
The action of water. The action of sun. The action of wind. The action of heat. The action of freezing.
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Causes of Physical Weathering
Physical weathering, also known as mechanical weathering, is the process by which rocks disintegrate. The mechanical physical weathering process occurs slowly, yet continuously. A variety of agents cause the mechanical weathering process.... More »
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