Causes of Tightness in Throat?


The causes of tightness in the throat can be dangerous or benign. Some of these causes include an allergic reaction to a food or medication or insect sting. Other causes include the common cold, influenza, laryngitis, tonsillitis, strep throat, a cough that is violent, and throat cancer. Sometimes, a tightness in the throat can be attributed to anxiety, depression, excitement, or even a heart attack. Thyroid disorders and acid reflux can also cause a throat to feel tight.
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It could be a simple flu-like bug, most likely just a simple case of
If you use any form of tobacco, including chew, cigarettes or pipes, you may develop throat cancer. You may develop throat cancer as a result of the use of alcohol in heavy amounts
You might have some pharyngeal swelling which should be evaluated by a doctor. Make an appt. God bless.
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