What is a signature on a cell phone?


A signature on a cell phone is a word or phrase that, when you send a text message, appears on the end of your message. You can make it whatever you like but with most but probably not all phones you CANNOT change the font, font style, font size,
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How to Set Up Text Message Signatures on a Cell Phone
Adding a signature to your text messages is a great way to send out your motto, website or business name with each text. Most phones that allow you to add the signature through their options limit it to 15 characters, so you need to carefully consider... More »
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1. Turn on your cell phone and access the menu. 2. Select "Options" under menu. Scroll through the choices and look for SMS (short messaging service) options. Click on that
A cell phone signature is a line that is sent with every text message that you send.
A cell phone is really just a tiny radio. It works by sending and receiving radio signals. Inside the cell phone is a tiny computer which is connected to a wireless network. The antenna
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A cell phone signature is used to end messages. Cute cell phone signatures can be your name with hearts around it or a nick name. They can be a quote you like ...
There are several cute love signatures one can use for a cell phone signature. For example, one can use emoticons such as hearts and smiley faces. Another example ...
A good cellphone signature for 15 characters would be possibly a variation on your name. If it is a business phone you might want to consider using your business ...
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