How to Tap a Cell Phone?


Unless you are a government official, and you have a warrant which allows you to do so, the tapping of any communications devices are illegal. Not only could you face civil charges but criminal as well. You can find more information here:
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Cell Phone Tapping Laws
Phone taps have been around for decades, allowing eavesdroppers to listen in on otherwise private conversations. However, recent technological developments make it easier to tap into a cellular phone, a process that can be difficult to detect. In limited... More »
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1. Notice if you are having to charge your cell phone more often than normal, especially when you haven't used it more. Without your knowledge, your cell phone may be picking up conversations
1 Take the cellphone and put the settings on to "Auto Answer". Auto answer is when someone calls the number and it automatically answers the phone or connects the call (
To tap a cell phone requires very expensive computer equipment costing more than a $100,000
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There are a few telltale signs which might indicate that your cell phone is tapped. If you hear pulsing static when the phone isn't in use, or if your batter ...
For women that ask the question, 'I want to tap my husbands cell phone,' there are a number of applications that allow monitoring the usage of the system. Contact ...
The easiest way to tap a cell phone is to use cell phone spy software. The first thing is to determine the make and model of the phone you want to tap. You need ...
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