Characteristics of Kingdom Monera?


Characteristics of the kingdom monera can vary greatly within its own branches, but the kingdom monera a set of unicellular organisms with no nucleus. Species evolve quickly.
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Monera vary in ways and is mostly single celled. Known as a prokaryote it has no nucleus or brain. Mostly living in microscopic colonies the monera do many things like invading other
Characteristics of monerans include one-celled organisms, cells
"They lack nuclei and organelles and most of their cell walls are made of peptidoglycan (the exceptions are the archaebacteria) Most utilize flagella for movement. Digestion
Bacteria of the former Kingdom Monera. bacteria image by chrisharvey from The study of biology encompasses all life forms. Traditionally, animals and plants fell under
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Kingdom Monera
The Monerans are the most numerous and widespread organisms on earth. They comprise the only kingdom of prokaryotic organisms, those which lack a nucleus or other membrane-bounded organelles... More >>
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