What is the procedure for cashing a check?


It can vary from place to place as to the procedures for cashing a check. The general procedure is to have a picture ID with you that clearly identifies you as the recipient of the check. You will also need to sign the back of the check. You should not sign the back of the check until you know it will be cashed. You don't want to lose the check with your signature on it because then anyone who found it could cash the check.
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1. Map out all of your cash collection points at the business. The three most common collection points are the register, a front-room safe, and a back-room safe. Limit cash exchanges
My bank told me to send check to person for endorsement and have the person send a copy of license to verify signature. When I deposited it was acceptable, the next day I got a call
1. Speak to a sales associate before you pick out the item for purchase. Even if you have called ahead, that particular sales associate may not be aware of the business's policy.
1. Check your most recent bank statement to make sure you have at least as much in your account as the amount of the check you received. Banks typically put a hold on funds deposited
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What is the Procedure for Cashing a Check?
Once you receive a check, it's important to examine it prior to cashing it. Attempting to cash a fraudulent check could lead to fines and possible jail time. These penalties can even apply in cases where the check recipient had no prior knowledge of... More »
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