How to Write a Children's Christmas Story.?


1. Choose a type of story. Will you write fiction or fact? Is your setting contemporary or historical? Brandon Marie Miller, award-winning author of children's nonfiction, points out that fact-based books appeal to teachers and librarians as well as
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"The Night Before Christmas" is a traditional Christmas story which is written in poem form. "A Christmas Carol" is another traditional Christmas story.
Few sites having short moral stories & rhymes for kids: Bedtime Home Page Short Stories, Poems, Kids Games, Funny images, Art Craft Activities, Free e-books
The children in "A Christmas Story" are Randy and Ralphie.
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Christmas short stories are often read around Christmas to children and adults alike. Some stories are The Gift of the Magi, The Fir Tree and Bertie's Christmas ...
A short story about friendship that is perfect for very young school age children is 'How to Be a Friend' by Laurie Krasny Brown. Children will appreciate the ...
1. Create a main character that is the same age as your audience. If you are writing a story for 9- to 12-year-old children, your main character should be no more ...
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