Christopher Columbus Achievements?


Explorer Christopher Columbus had many achievements in his lifetime. He was the first European explorer that discovered Cuba, Central American, the Bahamas, the northern coast of South America, and Hispaniola. Also, using winds blowing east to west, Christopher Columbus discovered trade routes across the Atlantic Ocean. Because of his amazing journeys, Christopher Columbus inspired others to travel and settle to the New World. Before his journeys, others were doubtful that a long sea voyage was really possible.
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he made three voyages. he found the "new world" or what we call the Americas today. Not that he made three voyages.
His achievements was too colonization in the New World, he believed
1. Search his early history to know that Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451, but the exact date is unknown. Genoa was an important seaport and he may have developed his interest
He was an idiot. His first achievement was 'getting lost. Literally. What that fool did for History, neither I nor all the native American Tribes he idiotically called 'Indians' can
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