What is a catchy slogan for class presidents?


For success, choose the best! vote (NAME)
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Student Body Campaign Slogan Ideas
Campaigning for a spot on the student government can be a fun way to learn about the electoral and campaign processes in a safe learning environment. Creating the perfect campaign slogan is an important part of the process, as it gives your peers a way... More »
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Got [Name] Improve your school: pick [Name] for president. Choose [Name]
"I promise to take my office more seriously than our Nation's President does" Scratch that, You school kids all think Obama walks on water. OK, Try blaming all the problems
1. Get organized. Treat your campaigning for class president seriously and with the same respect as a candidate for a political party would. Get yourself a campaign manager to help
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If the world's going to end, you may as well do it in style. Vote ______ for president. ...
There are so many campaign slogans for class president. The slogans should be well chosen and catchy. Here is one, 'Vote for your future, Vote for me!' ...
For success, choose the best!! vote (NAME). ...
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