How are chemical equations classified?


1. (B) Decomposition reaction. 2. (A) Combination reaction. 3. (D) Double replacement also known as double displacement. 4. (C) Single replacement. Source(s) Ordinary level chemistry.
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A balanced chemical equation means that there are an equal number of atoms on both sides of the reaction. Since matter cannot be created or destroyed then there must be the same amount
1. Instruct students to list and define the different types of chemical reactions. Your worksheet should include the types of chemical reactions. These are decomposition, combination
steroid hormones and nonsteroid hormones.
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A chemical equation is a shorthand description used by scientist to describe and represent a chemical reaction on paper. In a chemical reaction substances break ...
A chemical equation shows the chemicals involved in a chemical reaction. It also shows the chemical formulas. An example of a chemical reaction is H2+O=H20. ...
In chemistry, chemical equations are defined as a group of symbols that are balanced on both sides to represent chemical reactions. It helps those studying this ...
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