How to Clean Your Body of Marijuana?


Cleansing your body of marijuana takes time. There is no proven medicine or herbal remedy available that will magically remove it from your system. Just don't do drugs and you won't have a problem.
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Time...... You can assist it with diuretics. It all depends on your weight, metabolism, and usage of marijuana. What works for some may not work for
Marijuana enters the body either by eating it or smoking it. The chemical THC enters into the lungs first if smoking it, then your bloodstream, then goes to your brain, then travels
Boil eight ounces of water to begin the body piercing cleaning process. Stir in 1/4 of a teaspoon of sea salt. You may buy this at a local body piercing parlor or grocery store. Stir
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You need to give your body time to come clean from marijuana. It takes three months to completely leave it. In the mean time eat healthy and exercise daily. ...
Marijuana will eventually leave your system the natural way. However to speed up the process, try drinking a ton of water, vinegar or cranberry juice. ...
To clean your body of marijuana, drink lots of water. Exercise on a regular basis. Weed can stay in your system for up to 30 days. ...
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