What Causes Coastal Erosion?


There are several causes of coastal erosion. There is the problem of sediment deficiencies, of the course the rise and fall of the sea levels and the action of the waves and currents all play a part in coastal erosion.
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1. Assess your site. Determine the rate of erosion, the composition of the coastline ecosystem, and what ongoing activities are contributing to erosion. Make a list of natural vegetation
Coastal erosion is commonly caused by wave action from the sea breaking upon the shoreline soils/rocks. Longshore drift causes the sediment to move "downbeach" and you may
Coastal erosion is the wearing away of land or the removal of beach by wave action, tidal
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Coastal erosion is the washing away of beaches and dunes on the side of the sea or shore, by wave action or tidal currents. The land along the coast wears away ...
Coastal erosion is when when and water washes away valuable shoreline from beaches. It occurs due to overbuilding on shores and not enough vegetation with roots ...
One cause of coastal erosion is waves that are generated by storms, wind or motor crafts. Erosion is also caused by pollution and physical changes in the water ...
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