What is "Coin Dozer"?


"Coin Dozer" is a video game that can be played on Android, iOS or through Web browsers equipped with Flash. It is published by Game Circus.

The video game is a variation of a prize game sometimes found in arcades. The objective is to guide coins toward a small hole by manipulating a board. The player gets points for successfully pushing coins into the hole. Prizes and bonus coins that grant special abilities also sometimes appear on the play field. All versions of "Coin Dozer" are free to install and play but offer optional in-game purchases of extra coins and "Dozer dollars. "

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It give 2 coin the higher xp the more coins.
The number of levels in Coin Dozer is not stated by the designer but they do say
Each time you collect a prize, it adds your prize list. For example: you need to collect 4 whistles, one of each color to win a star, each time you win a star its a tier. For each
This was previously true, but has been modified during more recent updates. It's no longer the correct answer. I can confirm that the star counts do not increase beyond six and that
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Game Circus LLC | 4 editions | iPhone, Android, iPad | $0 - $2.99
Take an adventure around the world in COIN DOZER: WORLD TOUR!

Game Circus LLC | 4 editions | iPhone, Android, iPad | $0 - $1.99
Coin Dozer: Seasons rolls Christmas, Valentine's and Easter into a...
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