Colonial Life in Rhode Island?


Colonial life in Rhode Island showed that the family served a social and an economical function in those times. The Rhode Island area colony was founded by a theologian named Roger Williams. Family was a key unit in that time and was headed by the male of the family. Women who were married did not have very many legal rights. However, a widow was able to conduct business and make the decisions for her household as a male would have. Most often the home was made up of the husband, wife and their children.
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Men gathered firewood for fire and women sewed blankets and quilts. The women also cooked and took care of the children. what daily life was like in the colony of rhode island was
Farming and fishing, as well as lumber were major sources of income.
Roger Williams.
Apples, Onions, Flax, and Grapes. There was a lot of lumber which was used for boards, planks, timber , and barrels. They also grew Corn, Beans, and Squash. They had big crops and
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