Commit Someone to a Mental Institution?


Helping someone with mental health issues can be complicated and potentially dangerous, especially when trying to get them help involuntary help in a mental institution. For this reason, please exercise caution and consider consulting with a professional who can truly help this individual in a humane way.

Laws concerning involuntary commitment to a mental institution vary by state. Perhaps the least complicated way to help someone with mental health issues is to ask them to voluntarily enter a mental health facility. Only do this if you will not be putting yourself, the person in question, or any other people in danger. If this person is uncooperative or is in a mental state that seems unfit to determine whether they do need help, then consult with your local health department for a referral. Remember that in order for someone to be committed involuntarily, the person must pose an immediate danger to himself or others.
Q&A Related to "Commit Someone to a Mental Institution"
Mental Inquest Warrant, 48-72 hours committed to be reviewed. Get it from sheriff office.
Mental status examination, or MSE, would have to
Voluntary Commitment. Observe the person's behavior for any abnormal behaviors that indicate that she is becoming a threat to herself and others. Talk to the person about your observations
You can't just commit someone, not that easily anyway. Today (post-Reagan) people that need help are usually given a prescription or two, a therapist and a hand shake.
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