How to convert a bicycle into an indoor exercise bike?


1. Learn about the six types of resistance bike trainers: wind, mag, magneto, fluid, cetrifugal force and electronic. (See “How to Buy a Cycle Trainer” in Resources.) Each offers specific features and levels of resistance, so honestly assess your own
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With a bike trainer, like this: If you have a speedometer on your bike (hooked up to the back wheel) it should keep track of your speed and distance
Depends on what your goal is, but one hour/day is OK if you want to increase endurance. Remember that it's not only about how long, it's about the intensity as well. Merely sitting
There are four ways you can go, as far as hubs are
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1. Decide which indoor training setup is best for you, depending on your bicycling ability. Choose from several types of bike trainers (magnetic, wind, turbo) ...
The difference between a bicycle and a tricycle is the number of tires. A trike has three tires and a bike has two tires. In order to convert a bicycle to a tricycle ...
You can turn your bike into an indoor exercise bike by attaching the rear tire of your bike to a stationary trainer. Place the front tire in the wheel cup or attach ...
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