How to Convert High School Percentage Grades to GPA.?


1. Plug your grade percentage into the place of "p" in the following formula: 4 x p/85. The "p" stands for "percentage. 2. Divide the percentage by 85. For example, for an 80 percent grade, divide 80 by 85. The result is 0.94. 3. Multiply the result
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To convert a grade point average into a percentage, divide the given gpa by the highest possible gpa on its scale. Multiply by 100 to get the percentage equivalent.
If you have a 3.6 grade point average on a 4 point scale, your corresponding percentage would be 90%.
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sorry dude....don't know.
You can't convert a percentage to a GPA. If you got A's in every class to get the 97, then you'd have a 4.0, but if you got an A- or less in even one, you could still have a 97 but
A 2.9 GPA converts to 83% so 2.89 is just below 83%
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How you should convert percentage to GPA depends on which university you are going to apply to, but most follow this formula: 100-95%=4.0, 90-94%=3.8, and so on. ...
According to Penn State University, schools use a student's GPA score to numerically represent academic performance quality. The GPA, also known as grade-point ...
There are a number of different conversion scales. However, the best one I've come across is as follows: GPA Percentile Letter Grade 4.0 --- 95 + up -- A 3.9 - ...
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