How do you convert linear feet to square yards?


To convert linear feet to square yards, it is necessary to find the square feet first by multiplying the length by the width and then dividing the square feet by 9. To illustrate, a carpet with a linear feet or length of 10 feet and a width of 12 feet is 120 square feet. To convert to square yards, divide 120 square feet by 9 to get 13.33 square yards.

Linear feet usually refers to the number of feet in the length of any material, such as carpet, lumber, fabric and pipes, without regard to its width. It is assumed that such materials are manufactured in fixed widths, so when a person is quoting linear feet, it only refers to the length of the material. But when computing for the value in square yards, it is necessary to know the width to be able to compute for square feet (linear feet x width) before converting it to square yards.

Knowing the conversion of linear feet to square yards is necessary because some materials are sold by the square yard. This is important not only for estimating how much material is needed, but also for knowing how much can be purchased within a particular budget.

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You want to convert a. length. or distance into an. area. Feet (or yards) measure LENGTH and square feet (or square yards) measure AREA. Length can never be directly converted to
1. Determine the number of square feet that covers a given area. Measure the length of the space using a tape measure. Measure the width of the space with the tape. Multiply the length
Convert square yards to square feet. Then divide square feet by
You can't. Linear feet is a measurement of length, square yards is a unit of area (length x width) Its apples and oranges.
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Conversion from feet to square yards is not available. Please try a different conversion.
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