How do you convert percent slope to degrees?


The formula for converting percent slope to degrees is Degrees = Tan-1 (Slope Percent/100). A 10% slope is at 5.74 degree angle. A 100% slope is at 45 degrees.
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"Percent Slope" is a representation that uses the ratio between the rise and run to describe the triangle formed. "Degree slope" is the measure of the angle formed
1. Divide the slope expressed as a percentage by 100 to convert to a standard slope. For example, if your slope expressed as a percent equals 70 percent, divide 70 by 100 to get 0.7
In the equation y=mx+c, the slope of the line is given by 'm' And hence you're right about the slope being 0.7704. And when converting this to a percentage, all that is required is
3.5 degrees is 6.1 percent slope. Percent slope equals the rise divided by
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How to Convert a Percent Grade to Slope in Degrees
Percent grade and slope in degrees both indicate the amount that elevation changes over a certain distance, which determines how steep a hill or slope is. Percent grade denotes the percentage of change in the elevation--for example, if a hill rises 20... More »
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