How to Pick a Cool Name for a Youth Group.?


1. Schedule a meeting with the group members when attempting to pick a new group name. Have the members send you a list of words prior to the meeting that describe the group. The words can be adjectives that convey the group's tone, verbs that
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Creative Team Names
The tone and implication of the team name that you choose will be heavily influenced by exactly what the team is doing. If the name is for a serious sports team in a league, the name is probably going to be a lot more serious than the name of a pub quiz... More »
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Cool names vary upon an individual's opinion. I think names such as Dylan, Brent, Dakota, Mercedes, Ariel, and Cindy are cool. That doesn't mean you will agree. You may think Amy,
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What type of group is it? Music, or something else, and how many are in the group?
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If you are going to have a teenage girl group you will want to have a cool name that is memorable. Here are a few suggestions: Charm, Sugar Lips and and Sweet ...
There are several cool names for youth groups that normally makes use of acronyms. Some examples of cool names for youth groups would be 'LEGO-Learning & ...
Picking a cool name for your youth group depends on what you think is cool. You can come up with a whole bunch of different cool names. Once you have the list ...
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