How to Speak With Correct Grammar.?


1. Avoid subject-verb disagreement when speaking. When using a singular subject, you should use a singular verb, and when using a plural subject, a plural verb. Therefore, you should avoid saying things like "He don't" or "She don't. Instead say, "He
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English Grammar Rules
English grammar is an extensive and complicated set of rules that govern how we speak and write using the English language. Grammar has evolved over many centuries, and the rules change from time to time.... More »
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Stupider is not correct grammar. The correct way is to say something is more stupid or the most stupid. For example: Bill's mistake is more stupid than ...
the correct grammar for month abbreviations is: capitalization of the first letter then using the 2nd, 3rd and occasionally the 4th letters followed by a period. ...
Using correct grammar is very important in both the written and spoken word. Someone who does not use proper grammar appears to be uneducated, is judged by others ...
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