How to spell names of people correctly?


The best way to spell names of people correctly is to simply ask the person how to spell his or her name. Most people will not be offended and may even expect you to ask if they have an especially unusual name.
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How to Correctly Spell Proper Names
Whether you were the spelling bee champion or spelling was your worst subject in school, it's often a level playing field when it comes to how to correctly spell proper names, especially of people and places that have spelling variations.... More »
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1. Move the editing pencil or pen directly across the manuscript to reach the word in question. 2. Draw two level underline marks under the area of the word that appears to be misspelled
The correct spelling is, indeed, "proceed." Here's the link to the word in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language:
In the United States, "sari" is more usual. In India, "saree" is almost universal. Since it is not an English word, either spelling is only an approximation of
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The best way to spell a name is to ask for a correct spelling of the name in question and then practice writing it down a few times. This will most likely result ...
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To spell names in Chinese you must take note on the stroke and order of each Chinese character. You have to learn the correct individual stroke to be able to write ...
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