What is a Court Jester?


The court jester is the court's fool. The hired comedian for the royal family. They often wore bright colors with a floppy hat. In the 18th century, the monarchy discontinued jesters.
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1. Measure around the head with a tape measure. Cut a 3-inch-wide strip of craft foam the length of the head circumference plus an additional 2 inches for overlap. 2. Cut three to
Court Jester. a fool also known as a court jester who entertains the king and his guests on a feast. he can perform acts such as tongfoolery and music. If the king is not satisfied
The tradition of the court jester, a man who would amuse courtiers and monarchs with
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Jesters were professional jokers or 'fools' at medieval courts. Their normal attire typically included a cap that had bells on it and they carried a mock sceptre ...
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A court jester is an entertainer who is employed to tell jokes. The jester amuses courtiers as well as monarchs with his antics and jokes. Court jesters also like ...
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