What Is the Natural Habitat of a Cow?


The historic ancestors of the cow were aurochs, a long legged horned version of the cow which were hunted to extinction in Poland by the 17th Century according to the Global Invasive Species Database. The first domesticated version of the cow farmed
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Cows live in pastures, range lands, barns, or corrals. .
Cattle are born and raised on rangelands. Rangelands are unfertilized, uncultured, and not irrigated. ChaCha
Cow is the name we give to the female domesticated bovine. There are wild "cows," they are called African bufallo, water bufallo, and Yaks. Also the AMerican Bison is a
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A cow's habitat is the barn during a specific weather like winter and a grass field during summer time. The barn is normally filled with hay and herbaceous plants ...
Cows live naturally on range land, which is described by the University Of Michigan Museum Of Zoology as 'unfertilised and uncultured lands which provide natural ...
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