Cracked Head Symptoms?


If your car has a cracked head, then the car has some serious issues and needs to be seen by a trained mechanic. One of the symptoms of a cracked head is leaking oil. You will often see the oil leaking out of the crack. It can also cause coolant leaks, low engine compression, and even smoke from the engine head. Many times, if the head is cracked, you will notice that the engine is missing or skipping as gasses are released.
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Many times, a vehicle with a cracked engine head, which is the top part or top end of a vehicle's engine block, will leak motor oil out of the cracked part of the head. An engine
There are many different ways a head gasket can "blow" i just replaced one that was haping serious problems. in most cases you will expereince some kind of over-heating
This is a rather inexpensive diagnosis to make. Have your cooling system pressure checked at any dealer or independent mechanic who has the special hand pump / radiator cap unit to
1 Be aware that the precise identification of the type and severity of a head injury are next-to-impossible for a first aider to assess. Internal injuries will require checking out
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