How should you troubleshoot a Craftsman garage door opener?


If you have problems with your Craftsman garage door opener, the best place to start troubleshooting is using the instruction manual that you received during installation. However, if you've misplaced your manual, there are some solutions you can try.

If the remote opener doesn't work and the power button isn't lit, try changing the batteries or adjusting them to make sure the terminals are connected. If the wall-mounted opener is not working, try restarting the system by turning off the circuit breaker that connects power to the opener. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the track if the door is having difficulty moving smoothly. Check that the optical sensors at the bottom of the door opening are aligned, as even minor misalignments can cause the system to shut down. If none of these solutions work and you notice a scraping or grinding noise, there may be something wrong with the gears or the motor, which requires the intervention of a skilled mechanic who can diagnose the problem and replace parts in the motor.
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1. Try operating the garage door opener with the remote control or the control panel on the inside of the garage. If those methods do not work, there is likely a power problem. Check
Sears is one of the brands I know that builds Craftsman garage door openers.
1. Press the "learn" button on your garage door motor within your garage. The "learn" button is on the back or side of the motor near the antenna wire and the
1. Adjust the sensors. If your garage door goes partway down then right back up, your sensors may be out of alignment or there may be an obstruction. The sensors are located on near
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How to Troubleshoot a Craftsman Garage Door
There are a variety of things that could go wrong with your Craftsman garage door. Your door may open but not close. Your door opener lights might not turn on or off. Your garage door belt may sag. What follows are some tips on troubleshooting some... More »
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