Creative Ways to Ask a Girl to Homecoming?


Homecoming is just around the corner, and that special girl you've got your eye on is still unattached. You want to ask her, but first, you've got to think of the perfect way to do it. You know she's going to say yes, but you want to impress her with your creative approach. Whatever you do, never leave your invitation to the dance in someone else's hands.

Many people ask friends to ask a date out for them, but this is usually really awkward for everyone involved. Even if your crush wants to go with you, she may feel embarrassed to discuss it with the third person. It's better if the message comes directly from you. The good news is, there are still plenty of creative ways you can ask her out. If you've got musical talent, write her a song. Ask her to meet you after school one day, and serenade her with your offer. Can't carry a tune? Opt for a poem instead. Make each line begin with a letter in her name, and work your proposal into the rhyme. Then sneak it into her locker or bag. She'll be sure to let you know her answer once she finds it. Does your crush have a sweet tooth? Make her favorite kind of cake, and use icing to spell out your message on top. Or, if you're looking for a more elaborate plan, make a scavenger hunt. Place the first clue in her locker, and make all the clues lead up to you, where you'll be waiting with your poem, song, cake, or, what the heck, all of the above!

Whichever strategy you choose, remember not to stress out too much. If she says no, who needs her? You want someone who appreciates your sense of creativity and fun?anyone else would make for a pretty lame date. So make your plan and go for it! Don't let another day slip by.
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Give her a heart shaped note every class period with the first
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Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Homecoming
Homecoming is one of the biggest and most important high school events. As with most high school dances, kids ask each other to the dance and go as couples. By asking someone in a creative way, you can have fun with the proposal and make it a memorable... More »
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