How does a mother give custody of a child to father if they were never married?


The best, easiest, and safest way to do this would be to get a lawyer(one that knows custody cases) have them draw up the papers, you and the father both sign them, and the lawyer will file them and get the judge to sign them. Should take no more
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Custody Laws for Non Married Parents
In divorce matters, custody laws are predominantly clear-cut when determining which spouse will take custody of the couple’s children. In the case of children born to parents who are not married, however, custody matters can become very confusing.... More »
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1. Get a certified copy of your child's birth certificate AND YOUR MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. Then locate your local probate and family court in your area. I suggest your go there to see
The mother gets custody of a child if she
Once you have both parents names on the birth certificate, both are responsible for the child/children. If you left the country without having a letter saying that the other parent
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A young, unwed father can win child custody by showing the judge and the court that he can be a suitable parent for his youngster. He can also gain victory if ...
The mother until the father has gone to court to gain his parental rights and can petition for custody and pay child support. ...
The mother automatically have custody from birth and the father can petition for custody, visitation and also pay child support after he has proved paternity in ...
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