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The eye charts at the DMV office are to ensure that drivers can see properly when driving. Most states require one's vision to be at least 20/40 and will ask people to remove their glasses unless their license states they are needed.
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1. For an average Snellen Chart that will be viewed at a 20-foot distance, use a piece of paper measuring 22 inches long and 11 inches wide. Ample space should be left on the right
Why do you need the charts if you already know your vision? You just need to be able to read signs and see colors. I have 20/15 in one eye and a fake eye in the other and i don't
i think its better if you bought some eye chart in some online store like and there you can derive the measurement.
It's actually a difficult question to answer as there are different types of charts and each can have different available test sizes. For example, one chart might have a 20/125 line
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To pass the DMV eye test it's a good idea to be well rested before going in. You should wear contacts or eyeglasses to help you to see the chart easily. If you're wearing contact lenses for the test you will be required to let the test giver know.
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