What could be dance group names?


Pretty Princesses Jazzy gems Sassy sparkles Sorry if u don't like the names only thing could com up with.
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Children's Dance Team Name Ideas
A children's dance team has energy, and it doesn't hurt to focus on that energy when naming your group. Words that convey youth and enthusiasm help create a sense of excitement about your dance team. Build the buzz by choosing a name that does your young... More »
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1. Decide on the number of dancers need for the dance group. Promote and advertise auditions for a new dance group. Purchase advertisements in newspapers, on radio and on TV. Promote
1 Get a place to dance--such as a basement or your room--where you would have enough privacy and enough space for everyone to move around freely. You will want privacy because you
I had no luck finding a dance group. Was there a particular group you were looking
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Good dance group names include; Eight Bold Souls, The Lucy Show, Love and Rockets, Tears for Fears, The Rhythm Pigs, among many more. Forming a dance group involves ...
There are an infinite number of names that would be suitable for a dance group. There are different factors to consider while choosing a suitable dance group such ...
There are numerous dance group name suggestions that include: Punters, Invincibles, Angels, Dazzling Divas, Champs, Marauders, Charming Chicks, Galactic Girls, ...
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