What is the Definition of Objective?


An objective is a desired goal that is trying to be accomplished. It is the main point of something, or the main point that is being proved.
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What Are Smart Aims and Objectives?
In work or life, having goals and objectives gives you a direction. Your efforts are focused when you have a direction. You can measure the results of your efforts and review your aims and objectives from time to time, to know your progress, ultimately... More »
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1. Write down your aims and goals in a journal and make sure to read these goals aloud every day, possibly first thing in the morning when you awake. Seeing the objectives in print
Aims are the overall change that you want to achieve and are usually very general, eg the aim of the project is to improve the literacy of young people in London. Objectives are the
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The term aiming can be defined as having an anticipated outcome that is intended or that helps to guide one's actions. It can also refer to directing an object ...
A chord progression/pattern is a series of musical chords, or chord changes that aims for a definite objective of establishing (or contradicting) a tonality founded ...
The word caviling is the act of raising captious and perky objections; an objection of a captious nature. It also refers to an avoidance of the aim of an argument ...
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