What is definition of confidentiality?


Confidentiality. has been defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as "ensuring that information is accessible only to those authorized to have access" and is one of the cornerstones of Information security. People who have
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spoken, written, acted on, etc., in strict privacy or secrecy; secret: a confidential remark.
indicating confidence or intimacy; imparting private matters: a confidential tone of voice.
having another's trust or confidence; entrusted with secrets or private affairs: a confidential secretary.
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Basically, it mean NOT to gossip about things tell you in private. It is meant for your ears only.
Noun Confidential: Done or communicated in confidence. 1. Confide
Private - Affecting or belonging to private individuals,as distinct from public generally. Confidential - Intrusted with confidence of another or with secret affairs or purposes;
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Confidentialness is the quality of being confidential. Confidential describes something marked with intimacy or willingness to confide or something entrusted with ...
Confidentially is used to refer to, more or less a secret that contains information with unauthorized disclosure. It is the principle in medical ethics that the ...
confidentiality means having another's trust or confidence being entrusted with secrets or private affairs. It also refers to ensuring that particular information ...
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