Definition of Emotional Health?


Emotional health refers to the psychological and emotional well being of an individual. People with stable emotional health use their cognitive and emotional capabilities for the good of the society.
Q&A Related to "Definition of Emotional Health?"
Mental health is how well you deal with stress. Emotional health is how well you express your emotions.
1 Find an activity that allows you to express yourself, be it painting, dancing, interior decorating, woodworking, or cooking. If you are not yet skilled in that activity, take classes
1 Pick your need. In times of emotional distress we often turn to the pantry and try to make things go away. It doesn't work, it just provides a distraction such its not a good thing
A puppy has a relatively narrow window for effective and easy socialization-8-22 weeks. Roughly, anything the puppy experiences during this time will be good stuff throughout life,
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