What is the definition of nonlocomotor skills?


Nonlocomotor skills are skills used to move the body without moving from one place to another. Examples include bending, stretching, twisting, turning and curling.

Someone using a nonlocomotor skill remains stationary while performing a specific movement. These skills are necessary for professional success as well as personal satisfaction. For example, a construction worker has to bend, twist, stretch and turn while performing the essential functions of the job. Nonlocomotor skills are also used while participating in sports and recreational activities. Physical education teachers are encouraged to assess nonlocomotor skills to ensure students have the right skills for each grade level.

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Definition of non locomotor movement: not traveling, e.g. sat at the
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Skills that do not involve you moving anywhere. Running and walking are examples of locomotor skills. Squeezing a ball or lifting a weight is a non-locomotor skill because you don't
Non-locomotor skills are any motion of the body that doesn't result in a being traveling from one place to another. Winking is an example of a non-locomotor skill. View slideshow
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