How to Calculate Depreciation on a Mobile Home?


Calculating depreciation on a mobile home depends on many factors. Is the home in a nice area? Does that home have problems of any sort? Or is the neighborhood hidden?
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1. Review the year that you purchased the mobile home. Mobile homes purchased after January 1, 2000, can use the standard depreciation method to determine your tax rate. You must
A mobile home has a much shorter life span than a "stick built" home. I live in a "stick built" home right now that is 43 year old and it is in terrific shape
1. Shut off water at the outside stopcock. If the home draws water from a well, set the water supply valve in the off position. Flush all toilets and add 1 quart of plumbing antifreeze
1. Check with your local building inspector to see if you will need a building permit before attaching a carport to mobile home. In many areas, any time you are making a permanent
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