Did Elizabeth Taylor have children?


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Elizabeth Taylor had 4 children: Michael, Christopher, Elizabeth, and Maria
Parents: Sara Viola Warmbrodt and Francis Lenn Taylor
Siblings: had an older brother, Howard Taylor
Relationship: was married 8 times to 7 different men
One of the great Hollywood stars of the 20th century, Elizabeth Taylor had three fairly distinct career personas: as the winsome child star of movies like National Velvet (1944); as a fiery prima donna, the acknowledged "world's most beautiful w... More>>
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Answer 1. Michael Wilding, Jr 2. Christopher Wilding 3. Liza Todd 4. Maria Burton ( adopted)
Three biological and one adopted.
Liz Taylor had an affair with Richar Burton during the filming of Cleopatra in 1963.
It was an unintended pregnancy. Tami says something akin to "We thought God didn't want us to have anymore.
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Actor Michael Wilding, Taylor's second husband, was father to her two boys, Michael Jr. and Christopher. Taylor and her third husband, producer Michael Todd, had a daughter, Liza. The girl was later adopted by Taylor's fifth husband, actor Richard Burton. Before divorcing in 1964, Taylor and her fourth husband, entertainer Eddie Fisher, starting adoption proceedings for a 3-year-old German girl, Maria. Burton also adopted her. Taylor later married politician John Warner and construction worker Larry Fortensky, but there were no children from these unions.

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