Difference between Assessment and Evaluation?


When used in comparison to each other, the terms assessment and evaluation usually refer to two contrasting methods of measuring success.

The evaluation method focuses on determining the success of a performance, product, or set of skills. Evaluations are designed to judge and document achievement level in individuals or products. In contrast, assessments are designed to measure the performance of an individual or product and use that assessment to provide documentation of growth and development, give feedback, and create a plan of action for the future.

Unlike evaluations, assessments are not designed to be judgmental, and are tailored to the individual person or product's past performance.
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Assessment and Evaluation do mean the same thing in general terms but their meanings are differentiated in professional educational settings (teachers, schools, education authorities
Assessment -noun 1. the act of assessing; appraisal;
Evaluation is when they figure out a market price. Assessment is when they levy a tax on it.
The evaluation process judges the effectiveness of a teacher. A standard evaluation is administered by a principal and can happen as often as twice a year and as seldom as once every
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Differences Between Assessments and Evaluations
Assessments and evaluations are everyday terms in education as well as in other areas of life. However, there is often confusion in people's minds as to the differences between them. There are some overlaps, but there also are fundamental and important... More »
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