What Is the Difference Between Interstate & Intrastate?


Other than the legal operating authority, there are many different parties involved in completing the transaction in both these transportation systems. A broker is a person who acts as a middle man and arranges the process of transportation. For
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Something which is interstate exists between or connects two or more states. Intrastate refers to something which is related to or exists within the boundaries of one state.
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Intrastate is within the state. Interstate is within and out of the state.
Interstate is a system of highways extending between
Interstate refers to calls made from state to state. Intrastate refers to calls made within your own state. Intra-Lata calls are calls made within your local long distance calling
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Intrastate Calls are long distance calls made within your home state, but to an area outside of your LATA or local calling area. Usually Intrastate calls are calls ...
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