How Are Laptops & Desktops Different?


The main way laptops and desktops are different is in portability. A laptop can be used anywhere as long as it has a battery charge, but a desktop must be plugged in to an electrical outlet at all times.
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A desktop computer is designed for stationary use. The processor resides within a box to which a monitor, keyboard and mouse are attached. Laptop computers are all-in-one, portable devices.
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Laptops are built to be portable, with the input devices (keyboard and trackpad) and monitor integrated into the same chassis as the computer itself. On a desktop, all of these devices
The biggest difference between a laptop and desktop is power cunsumption and heat. Laptops produce a lot of heat because there is so little space inside for the fans, so always put
Functionally, they are essentially the same thing, scaled down due to the power requirements of desktop parts; a high end desktop video card can need more than 300w, and that is hard
1 Plug your desktop into the modem, router or gateway that provides your Internet service access and home network. Most modern computers will connect via Ethernet or Cat5 cable. You
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