What is the difference between metered and stamped mail?


In the United States, first-class mail must be paid with postage stamps, stamped envelopes, stamped cards, meter stamps, or permit imprints. Priority mail must be paid with postage stamps, meter stamps, or permit imprints. Metered mail is often used by businesses and organizations. One difference between stamped mail and metered mail is that metered mail can be used with all envelopes in any mail. Metered mail can be less expensive and more efficient for businesses who often send out large amounts of printed material.
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Stamped mail is great when you have single items, metered mail is better when you have large mailings. With stamped mail you place a physical stamp in your item, with meter mail or
Metered mail is mail that has the postage printed on it from
If the envelp[e that they give you has the postage pre-paid then it is metered, if you have to put postage stamps on it then it is stamped. Metered refers to those printed in red
The main difference between a master meter and submeter is ownership and maintenance responsibility. The power company owns and maintains master meters while submeters are owned and
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Difference Between Metered & Stamped Mail
The postage stamp is a British invention that’s been around for a long time – since 1840 to be exact. Stamps are actually receipts showing that the delivery charge for a piece of mail has been paid. In the United States, businesses often use... More »
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