Difference between Passive and Active Listening?


Passive listening means that you are not really absorbing what is being said. Active listening means that you are really retaining what the person is saying to you.
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Passive Listening is listening without reacting: Allowing someone to speak, without interrupting. Not doing anything else at the same time. Active listening is reacting or doing something
The main difference between active and passive transport is the use of energy. Active transport uses energy and passive transport does not. In active transport, molecules are moving
1 Try out this example first. Look at this sentence: " The thief smashed the window ." The red section, " The thief ," is the subject of the sentence, or the one
You need a separate piece of gear called an amplifier to provide power to a passive speaker. Active speakers have amplifiers built into them.
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Difference Between Active Listening & Passive Listening
Anyone who has ever been in hot water with his parents probably knows the difference between passive and active listening, for there's a time to listen quietly without interrupting and other times to engage in two-way conversation. The same lessons apply... More »
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