What is the difference between tragedy and comedy plays?


Tragedy and comedy plays both had their beginning in Greek theater thousands of years ago. One difference between tragedies and comedies surrounds the emotional disengagement. With a tragedy, the heroes tend to respond with strong emotions. These emotions may include lust, pride, envy, grief, or rage. On the other hand, in comedies heroes are often ironic and disengaged from the situation. Comic heroes tend to respond with wit and cynicism. In comedies, the heroes tend to be more flexible. The life in comedy plays is characterized by unexpected twists.
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A tragedy's plot consists of a serious action that stirs up feelings of pity and fear. A comedy's plot focuses on an ordinary problem that regular people face. Comedies aren't necessarily
a comedy is funny whereas a tragedy is not.
In a Tragedy, the character appeared to have everything going for
Comedies are funny and can be slapstick. Making fun of someone. Tragedies normally involve like a death of some kind, that is why they are a tragedy. They can either have a sad or
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Difference Between Tragedy and Comedy Plays
Plays are one of the oldest literary forms in the world. Playwrights create plays to evoke an emotional response in the audience. The type of response depends on the genre. Tragedies help us purge ourselves of negative emotions while comedies make us... More »
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